About Me

My name is Kevin Cheeseright and I am passionate about photography and passionate about having fun.

  • I am a professional commercial photographer
  • I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire
  • I specialise in:
    • business promotions
    • all aspects of theatre
    • head shot
    • modelling photography

My photographic studio is the most widely used in the world; the great outdoors. City streets, rivers, woodlands, beaches, come rain or shine. Mother nature, the perfect photographic partner, providing incredible lighting, limitless backdrops, amazing special effects, all helping to create stunning pictures.

My job means I have to travel. The best jobs are rarely found on your own doorstep. To be the best, you have to be first and last. I arrive FIRST and I leave LAST, I see the work through, sometimes with little reward. My ethos is shared by very few, but just so long as one of us believes in hard work then we can still create some great work.

My Style

My photographic style is sharp, punchy, clean, contrasty, get-you-noticed and balanced. I get it right BEFORE pressing the shutter button – camera, lighting and model correctly set – keeping Photoshop work to an absolute minimum.


Contact: Kevin Cheeseright

Mob: 07791 520201
Mail: kevin@cheeserightandmorte.co.uk